Poker Joke Contest

Have a poker joke to submit? Shoot it on over to us and we’ll publish it to the site as soon as possible! The best jokes include pictures, so if you have any to include, we’ll give you an extra ticket for the poker joke drawing where you would win cash, prizes, or entries to private freeroll tournaments.

Monthly Online Poker Joke Contest Winners

  • Winner – June 15 – Poker Joke 1 – Indecent Proposal
  • Winner – July 15 – (Received no eligible entries) – 2 entries received
  • Winner – Aug 15 – Poker Joke 10 – Poker Tattoo

$500.00 Online Poker Joke Contest Winners

August 15, 2005 – January 15, 2006

  • First Place – $500.00 – Poker Joke 15 – It’s a Poker Thing
  • Second Place – Poker Joke 12 – Ghost of Poker Past
  • Third Place – Poker Joke 14 – Poker No, No’s

*By submitting a poker joke to Holdem Humor you are agreeing that the joke is not copyrighted by anybody or that the poker joke is your original work. To be eligible for the contest entry, poker jokes must be original jokes and not copied from another author.