Bookies Sweating Al Gore

Why does Al Gore have bookmakers a little nervous lately? There sweating over a bet they have out giving 100 to 1 odds about the former Vice President. There are three conditions that Al Gore has to satisfy in order for someone to get paid on this bet:

• Winning an Oscar
• Becoming a Nobel laureate
• Taking up residence in the White House

Gore’s film on the changing campaign climate, An Inconvenient Truth, this year pulled off winning the Oscar. Friday Gore took the next step, winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his work along with the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change raising awareness about global warming.

Ladbrokes spokesman Robin Hutchison stated, “He seems to have the Midas touch and if his supporters encourage him to stand he may shake up the whole race.”

Pre-Nobel Prize announcement Al Gore was 10/1 on becoming the next U.S. president, after the announcement bookies have cut the odds to 8/1. Hilary Clinton is still the favorite at 4/7.

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