It was a Friday night and my friend Justin decided to have a No-Limit Hold’em tournament at his house. Two of his roommates, Cory and Jamie were there, as well as his friends Ed and myself, Brian. At around 10 p.m., everyone took their seats and the tournament was about to begin. After high-carding for the dealer button, Justin dealt out the first hand.

Everyone started with 60 chips, all of which were the same denomination. The blinds started at 1/2. Justin, first to act, looked down at AK. He raised to 6. Ed, next to act, glances down at KK and re-raised to 15. Cory, Jamie, and I, check our cards and see AQ, AA, and JJ respectively. Cory calls Ed’s 15 chip raise, Jamie goes all-in, and I go all-in as well, followed by surprisingly quick all-in moves by Justin, Ed, and Cory. With nobody wanting to reveal their hands just yet, Justin puts out a flop of As, Kc, Jc. The turn is the Kd, and the river brings the 10c.

The board now looks like this: As, Kc, Jc, Kd, 10c. Unable to contain my excitement any longer, I flip over my pocket Jacks to show a full house, Jacks full of Kings. Justin, re-checking his hand, says “that’s nothing, I’ve got Kings full of Aces”, and reveals his AK. Jamie, still not sure that he believes what he has, turns over his pocket aces and announces, “I have the best full house, Aces full of Kings”.

Jamie, certain that he has won the hand, did not see Ed turn over pocket Kings giving him 4 Kings and what looked like the sure winner. Cory, however, unable to contain himself, slowly turns over the AQ of clubs, giving him the best possible hand, a royal flush. At this point, nobody could understand how this could have happened.

Jamie, now a little suspicious, asks not only to inspect the cards, but also the box that the cards came in. He soon finds the answer. Printed boldly on the box of cards was the word- PINOCHLE.

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