Poker Tattoo

A professional poker player goes into the hospital for some routine tests. An older nurse walks in and they strike up a conversation about poker. While talking she lets him know that she has to shave him down below for the test, and that it is just part of the testing procedures. He agrees, so she starts shaving when she notices a tattoo that says the word ” R U S H ” in a interesting place.

Later she tells her co-worker, a young attractive voluptuous brunette, about the tattoo. The younger nurse is a big fan of poker so she proceeds to explain what the word “RUSH” means in the poker world. After explaining the younger nurse decides that she wants to see this tattoo for herself. She enters the poker players room and tells him that she has some “follow up” work to do and that it will only take a second. She bends over with her voluptuous cleavage showing and fiddles around looking for the tattoo. Afterwards the younger nurse goes back to the older nurse and says, “I must have gone to the wrong room. The guy I saw was a poker player also, but his tattoo said

‘R O Y A L F L U S H’.”

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