Poker George

While playing poker in a local poker joint, George an avid player, noticed that in the last few days, one of the players had done extremely well. So well in fact that George felt compelled to approach the old man and ask him what his secret was. The old timer looked at him for a second then said “I’ll tell you, but when you play me you have to fold to me when every time I’m in the pot with you.”

George thinks it over for a while, then reluctantly agrees.

The man says “ first of all see John over there, he scratches his head whenever he is bluffing.”

George says “oh.”

The old man continues “See the man at the end of the table, that’s Jimmy, when he has an ace, his nose flares a little bit. Now, Jeff over there, he always looks down when he has a great hand.”

George says ”wow, thank you.”

They start playing and at the end of the night George is broke. He corners the old timer and exclaims “why did you tell me those lies, I lost all my money.”

The old timer says “I’m sorry, your right I did tell you lies to get you to help me win.”

George says “ well, what was your secret to success then.”

The old timer replies “ I made the same deal with Jimmy, Jeff, and John that I did with you”.

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