3 Exciting Things about Today’s Mobile Poker Apps

The mobile poker world never seems to stand still. And we’re thankful for that because this constant movement has allowed the game to churn out some very exciting advancements. So just what exactly have these advancements brought us recently? Well, there are three great developments that mobile poker apps now feature today, which we’ll discuss more in depth below.

Fast-Fold Mobile Poker

Several years ago, it didn’t seem like wireless poker would ever offer more than choppy gameplay on a single table. Then came multi-tabling, which was definitely nice for grinders who need more volume to make money. And now, we have fast-fold variants that cut out the waiting time in poker. As soon as you fold your hand, you are whisked away to another table with new cards. This means that there’s no time spent waiting on that annoying opponent who takes the whole clock to fold 2-7 under the gun.

Higher Stakes

Many of us have seen news about poker sites beta testing their mobile poker apps at $0.01/$0.02 stakes, which is unimpressive to say the least. Luckily, most poker rooms have moved far beyond the early beta-testing phase and into an era where mid-stakes play is available. The end result is that you no longer have to toil away in the micro stakes if you’re looking for a bigger challenge and more profits.

More User-friendly Software

When online poker reached its peak around 2010, many poker room lobbies were cluttered with lots of buttons, games and table-selection features. The poker industry realized how these complications were turning the average player off so they began making sites more friendly for recreational players. This process has transitioned to mobile apps, where many sites are on a mission to ensure that their lobbies and tables are user friendly. So whether you’re an experienced grinder or just somebody who occasionally likes playing poker, you can appreciate these changes.

Like we said in the beginning, the mobile poker world doesn’t stand still. So you can expect to see even more exciting advances in the future.

Jimmy “Gobboboy” Fricke Gets More Than a No from Full Tilt

Now, one would think that in order to be someone of authority in a online poker gaming operation, and one who makes decisions on who they should and should not bring aboard or sponsor, would have to be educated, smooth, and able to not make tiny mistakes that could end up costing their company credibility. Well, like I said, one would think.But with gaming communities making so many little mistakes that make a world of difference in the way they are viewed, as a company recently, is it happening on purpose?

We all would assume that everyone knows to not hit the “forward” on an email if you don’t want another person seeing the contact within the message. And we all make mistakes but when representing such a huge company like Full Tilt Poker.

But what happened apparently that a player by the name of Jimmy “Gobboboy” Fricke contacted Full Tilt Poker in hopes that they may want to sponsor him after taking second at the Aussie Millions last year.

Fricke proposed that in exchange for wearing Full Tilt gear they would sponsor him in main events. I am sure that he was prepared for a simple yes or no answer but what he got was so much more.

As it turns out, Jimmy got back bad news stating that Full Tilt Poker doesn’t currently taken solicitations for sponsorships. They continued that if they were interested in him at some point in the future, they would contact him.

Sounds polite enough and sort of generic right? Wrong. There is more to it then just that as at the bottom of the email is the emailed response of other Full Tilt employee who was explaining their reasons for why Jimmy should not be given a chance.

“The guy’s a freak and a very weird dude. He is also quite young. I think we should stay away.


Well, that certainly sounds more like water cooler gossip then something that should be included in a formal email. Could it be that more and more gaming operations aren’t being careful about mistakes, or are these mistakes being made on purpose in an attempt to get a bigger message across?

Bookies Sweating Al Gore

Why does Al Gore have bookmakers a little nervous lately? There sweating over a bet they have out giving 100 to 1 odds about the former Vice President. There are three conditions that Al Gore has to satisfy in order for someone to get paid on this bet:

• Winning an Oscar
• Becoming a Nobel laureate
• Taking up residence in the White House

Gore’s film on the changing campaign climate, An Inconvenient Truth, this year pulled off winning the Oscar. Friday Gore took the next step, winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his work along with the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change raising awareness about global warming.

Ladbrokes spokesman Robin Hutchison stated, “He seems to have the Midas touch and if his supporters encourage him to stand he may shake up the whole race.”

Pre-Nobel Prize announcement Al Gore was 10/1 on becoming the next U.S. president, after the announcement bookies have cut the odds to 8/1. Hilary Clinton is still the favorite at 4/7.

Extreme Poker From 90m UP

There is high stakes poker, and then there is Extreme Poker. In Australia, specifically Sydney Harbour’s North Head bluff, 6 daredevil poker players took their seats today at the poker table which happened to be on a platform 90m above the ocean for a rousing game of Texas Hold’em.

What’s next? The Extreme Poker Final at St. Kitts in the Caribbean and will be held underwater. Also, all the participants will receive an entry to a more convention poker tournament in the tropical retreat.
So what could be more nerve racking than playing at these heights, add in high winds and that when you got knocked out the only way down was to jump. Hugo Asenjo a 24 year old restaurant supervisor held it all together though and won the event.

Asenjo said “The wind was so strong we thought the game was going to be called off. It was really hard to try and concentrate on the game when the entire time you’re just thinking, don’t look down.”
As for as the Extreme Poker Final is concerned, “I must admit I’m a bit concerned about that,” said Hugo, “I can’t say I’m much of a scuba diver.”

Peter Marcus, Founder of Extreme Poker, said, “We’re definitely coming back next year. We just need to find the next challenge.” Marcus has taken the tournament to the Caribbean, the Arctic Circle and over the Nevada Desert, and now Australia.

How to Play Poker Lesson 8: Don’t Play Weak on the River

Lesson 8: The River


Do NOT get in the habit of checking on the river simply because you have a good—but not unbeatable—hand. This is another huge mistake that mediocre players frequently make. If you think you had the best hand on the turn you should almost always bet the river, unless the river put a four-flush or a four-straight on the board. Example: you have KsKc, and the flop comes Qc Tc 7s. You bet and get two callers. The turn is the 5s. Again you bet, and again the same two players call. The river brings the 6c.

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How to Play Poker Lesson 7: The Turn

Lesson 7: The Turn


This may seem to contradict Lesson #5, yet we can assure you it does not. In Lesson #5, we were discussing the merits of checking (thereby taking the risk of giving a ‘free card’ to hands that have draws that can beat you) versus betting. In this case, we’re discussing those times when you’ve bet, and subsequently been raised by a player who initially checked. Now obviously, it always helps to ‘know your opponents’. But in most low limit games, a player will only check-raise the turn for one reason; to get more money into the pot with a very strong hand.

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How to Play Poker Lesson 6: Don’t Be Afraid

Lesson 6: The Turn


Slowing down on the turn is almost always a huge mistake, especially if nobody has yet shown any signs that the turn card helped them. For example: you have AdAh and there’s 3 other players who see the flop with you. The flop comes Kc Tc 6s. You bet this flop, the first player callers, the next player raises and the third player folds. You reraise, the original caller to your left calls, and the raiser calls. Now the turn brings the 8c.

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Poker Quiz for after Lesson 5

Quiz: How’s Your Play on the Flop? (Part 1)

This quiz is designed to illustrate some of the more important concepts that govern winning play on the flop. Here’s your chance to put some of your play analysis skills to work so when you answer the questions, we recommend you put some thought into why you are choosing a particular answer and compare your answers with the analysis that follows.

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How to Play Poker Lesson 5: Charging Opponents


One of the more unique attributes of low limit hold ’em is that the pots often get so enormous before the flop that anyone who got even a sliver of help from the flop is frequently justified in continuing on with their hand. For the player holding pocket aces, this can be incredibly frustrating, since it can seem like the river brings one miracle card after another—all of which help our opponent without helping you.

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